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The statistics for the uptake of technology in the Australian automotive sector makes for a compelling business case. $78.4 billion per year is spent on cars and with 53% of Australians naming the Internet as the most useful media for purchasing decisions the business case for online marketing is compelling. But whilst the statistics are impressive, there is still an element of risk for Australian businesses who are faced with significant capital expenses for connecting to the online market.

As your technology partner we take away the time, expense and risk of connecting your business online. Everything we run and build is centred around the premise that we facilitate businesses to compete on the Internet. And most importantly, we understand the value of cash flow. That is why all our products are priced as small and very affordable monthly subscriptions. So in summary, the pathway to your technological competiteveness is now within reach. Your friendly and professional automotive technology experts at MySpare have multiple services available to suit your needs. Lets chat today.

Our vision

Our vision is to provide a national online automotive trading ecosystem that practically everybody knows and uses on a day to day basis. The MySpare brand platforms service the motoring industry and will offer consumers and sellers, regardless of size, specialist destinations to trade at no cost.